We are here to help you...

The Home Based Child Care organization is here to help you be even more successful as a Home Based caregiver.

 Our information and tools will help you be a better teacher as well as make your life a little simpler as you run your Home Based childcare center. 

Join the hundreds of other home based child care givers who have discovered the benefits of our organization.

Member Benefits:

  • Six hours of online training

These hours are approved by your state to apply to your yearly training requirements.  The training hours alone cover the cost of your annual membership.

Our list of courses will grow ever year to provide training on the subjects you need and want to enrich your knowledge and the your children.

  • A professional, advertisement free email address

You will receive an email address at the HomeBasedChildCare.org domain address.  For example, Jane@homebasedchildcare.org This will give you a more professional presence as well as give you a fully functional email account without the hassle of advertisements and spam.

  • Access to Teacher Aids

Our growing library of teacher aids will allow you to quickly plan your lessons and introduce new and creative ideas into your classroom.  You will find lesson plans, themes, menus, calendars and advice from other home based child care professionals.

We will help you communicate with your parents and look more professional by providing you the content and method of easily sending your parents a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly newsletter.  You will supply specific content that you want to communicate to your parents and we will provide general parenting tips and information to compliment your information.

Our system will manage your parent's email addresses and the composition and distribution of your newsletters.  In just a few minutes you can be sending a powerful and informative newsletter.

  • Your personal web page

An easy to change web page which will give you your own presence on the web. This one page site will allow you to post information about your home based center so that other parents can learn the benefits of your home child care center. (If you already have a web presence, you we can link this page to your existing site.

  • Enrollment in ChildCareHub

This is our sister company which helps parents find child care providers in their area.  This site receives thousands of hits each month and will help you find additional students for your home based business.

  • Training Calendar and Database

This area allows trainers to post information about upcoming classes so that you can achieve your yearly training certification from your state agency.


How do I join?

The organization has an annual membership fee of $99 and it is fully refundable if you are not satisfied with the benefits of membership*.  The training classes alone provide more value than the cost of the annual membership.

We offer three different payment plans:

  • $99 Annual Payment
  • $30 Quarterly Payments
  • $15 Monthly Payments

Join Now and take advantage of all the benefits of Membership

*Membership is refundable, with the exception of training classes.  A fee of $19.95 each will be deducted from your membership fee refund for each training course attempted.  For example, if you paid the annual membership and attempted one training course your refund would be $99 minus $19.95 or $79.05.

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